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The overarching goal of the inner shelf oceanography team is to:

1. Increase our understanding of oceanographic processes in the inner shelf region extending out to ~10 km offshore and its linkages to larger-scale oceanographic processes in the middle and outer shelf and open ocean.

2. Conduct long-term monitoring of oceanographic conditions to support other PISCO projects and to increase our understanding of changing marine ecosystems.

Specific activities of the Oceanography Team:

1. Maintenance of an array of inner shelf moorings that have been deployed every year since 1998. Deployment begins in April; moorings are retrieved in September. The array consists of a core group of moorings located at the same location each year, coupled with flexible deployment of additional moorings to support directed studies of larval transport and recruitment. Instruments on the moorings collect information on temperature, salinity, fluorescence, oxygen, pH, pCO2, and currents.

2. Shipboard sampling of water properties such as nutrients, chlorophyll, dissolved oxygen, pH and other biogeochemical measurements.