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Annual Recruitment Experiment


photos or datasheets of the replicates

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PISCO Intertidal-Oregon State University
Started in August 2009 - terminated at ancillary sites in 2013, remaining blended into Annual Colonization Experiment in 2014

This experiment is to assess the percent cover of barnacles, mussels, different invertebrates and algae that have settled over one years time in experimental, control plots. After one year has passed, the plots are cleared and all the biomass from the plots is taken back to the lab to be dried and weighed.

 Annual Recruitment is measured at the following sites: Cape Meares, Fogarty Creek, Boiler Bay, Seal Rock, Yachats Beach, Strawberry Hill, Gull Haven, Cape Arago, Port Orford Heads, Cape Blanco, Rocky Point

Replicates per Site: 5 comprised of [5 control plots, 5 caged plots to prevent mobile predators]


            Stainless steel mesh
            bags to collect biomass
            Putty knives to scrape plots

Setup in field:

  • Plots were placed in the mid zone, near plates and tuffies.
  • Each plot is 15cm x 15cm, and is cleared to bare rock at the beginning of the experiment.
  • The marked plots are 15cm x 15cm, marked with lag screws.
  • The complete cage is used to exclude predators. It has four sides, a 2 cm lip facing out, and a clear plastic mesh lid on top.


  • The plots are monitored twice a month during the summer months and once a month through the winter. 
  • Each plot is photographed with the macro function once a month.
  • The cages should be cleaned when fouled.

 In Lab:

            Photo Analysis
            Biomass processing