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Jerod Sapp -retired PISCO Program Manager

In the beginning, 2007, I was the PISCO Lab Manager...the third to take up the reigns. One of my major responsibilities was database management, where I collect, compile, normalize, and standardize data produced by the lab. I perform quality control and format data for uploading into PISCO web data catalog.

I created monthly and annual budget projections and reports. I oversee and track lab spending, and work in conjunction with research teams and the OSU Business Center to balance expenditures.

I facilitated coordination and communication within and among the four PISCO and NSF projects at OSU, in both the lab and field. But then all that became scarce, processing samples stopped, long term monitoring came to a grinding halt as we just collected more and more but never analyzed any recruitment data...we no longer were scientists, we were hoarders.  Sure would be nice to see how recruitment trends compare to the long term data, especially in the light of SSWD and warmer surface water temperatures...someday maybe we will see the suits of all that labor.  Someday.?