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Kristin Politano

I am the PISCO mooring technician. I deploy, maintain, and process data from six moorings off of Strawberry Hill, Oregon. These moorings are part of a long-term monitoring program, ongoing since 1998, that seeks to increase our understanding of oceanographic processes in the inner shelf region and its linkages to larger-scale oceanographic processes in the middle, outer shelf, and open ocean. These moorings span a depth range of 15-70 m and collect data on a variety of parameters including current profiles, dissolved oxygen (DO), temperature, conductivity, fluorescence, pH, pCO2, and others. 

In addition to maintaining the mooring array I also run the PISCO phys lab where ship board samples are analyzed for chlorophyll (chla), alkalinity, dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN), and DO.