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Lab Members

Welcome to the Lubchenco/Menge Lab

Our lab has diverse interests that are united by a common goal: understanding the dynamics of natural ecological communities. Our insights into community regulation, biodiversity, and global change are generated primarily by research on rocky shores and marine ecosystems. We approach questions at a variety of scales and with a diversity of tools ranging from biochemical studies at the suborganismal level, to controlled field experiments in intertidal communities, to biogeographic comparisons among the coasts of Oregon, New Zealand, and Chile.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sarah Gravem

Graduate Students

Allison Barner

Silke Bachhuber

Elizabeth Cerny-Chipman

Heather Fulton-Bennett

Jessica Reimer

Alissa Rickborn

Barbara Spiecker

Chenchen Shen

Jenna Sullivan

Caitlin White

Students and Volunteers

Melissa Britsch

Brett Buschke

Sidney Gerst

Kimberly Hayward

Skylar Peven

Kaelie Sivihok

Catherine Lo

Avery Hansen


Francis Chan
Assistant Professor, Senior Researcher

Mike Frenock
Marine Ecosystem Data Specialist

Kirsten Grorud-Colvert
Assistant Professor, Senior Research

Ashley Knight
PISCO Marine Science Integration

Brittany Poirson
Research Technician

Cindy Kent
Executive Assistantto Jane Lubchenco

Kristen Milligan
PISCO Program Coordinator

Kathleen Norris
Travel Assistant to Jane Lubchenco

Kristin Politano
Research Technician

Jonathan Robinson
Research Technician