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The overall scientific goal of PISCO is to understand the meta-ecosystem dynamics of inner shelf region of the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem (CCLME) and its response to climate change. At OSU, we approach this problem through the coordinated activities of five research teams. These are: mooring (inner shelf oceanography), onshore (intertidal meta-ecosystem ecology), biodiversity (intertidal community structure), larval transport (inner shelf and surf zone recruitment dynamics) and climate impacts on CCLME (integrating ecology, oceanography, genomics, and biogeochemistry to understand CCLME responses to hypoxia and ocean acidification). Our policy team allows us to provide accurate scientific information about nearshore ecosystems to policy makers, resource managers, the media, undergraduate and graduate students, and the public. Click on the highlighted text above or the links below to view photos or obtain detailed information about the individual projects of our lab.