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Tully Rohrer

I am PISCO's offshore mooring research technician.  Specializing in physical and chemical oceanography, I build, maintain, and process the data from six moorings off of Cape Perpetua, OR, which are placed directly offshore of PISCO's Strawberry Hill intertidal site.  These moorings are part of a long-term monitoring array with consistent seasonal datasets (generally April-September/October) from as far back as 1998.  Current areas of focus include ocean acidification and seasonal hypoxia in Oregon's coastal upwelling regime.

In addition, I run PISCO's "phys lab" in which I analyze dissolved oxygen, nutrient, dissolved inorganic carbon, and particulate organic nitrogen samples taken in the field.

As of the summer of 2014, I am in a dual-appointment position, 60% with PISCO and 40% with the Ocean Observatories Initiative's Endurance Array,  which is an observation network of moorings off Newport, OR and Gray's Harbor, WA.